What is this about?

A blog about game design, specifically Pokemon games design, which is something I’ve been interested for a long time.
I’ve seen a lot of people who played Pokemon in the past, or even play them now, and it’s scary how many of them are simply unaware of the extensive thought process that goes into designing a franchise as big as this one. They often think that Game Freak has run out of ideas, run ouf of colors, run out of steam… OH HOW WRONG THEY ARE.

If you’re one of those people, I open the door before you, the gates to the land of wonder! You’ll be amazed at what you may find. I’ll write articles in here about things that you may have never even thought about, yet they’re perfect examples of how much love and thought Game Freak pours into their soon-to-turn eighteen-year-old pocket baby (it’s way past the age of consent!). If you’re like me, perhaps you can find out something you never knew before, or maybe I can learn something from YOU! Who knows?


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